A stroll along Queen Anne’s premier shopping street

September 12, 2010 in Queen Anne

I often say to people visiting the city that “Everyone loves Queen Anne.”  You might say that any sentence that starts out with “everyone” has to be an exageration.  Of course  it’s true that if you were to ask 20 Seattleites for their favortie neighborhood, each one would have a slightly different answer and they would not all boil down to  “Queen Anne, of course.” In fact we are blessed with a number of wonderful, quirky, downright fantastic places to live in this laid-back, high speed Pacific Rim city.  And there are all those who would live nowhere but Woodinville, or Redmond, or Kirkland, or Mercer Island.  But Queen Anne is special to the heart of Seattle, even for those who might choose to live elsewhere.  It is my personal opinion that in one of the eleven parallel universes that exist according to String Theory, everyone lives in Queen Anne at least once.

What makes this little neighborhood on a hill overlooking the Space Needle  so beloved?

Paragon Restaurant Paragon Restaurant

Certainly part of it is the winding streets lined with flowering trees.  There have been books written about the gorgeous restored vintage houses.  It’s a neighborhood of supreme walkability, and can reasonably be said to have some of the city’s best restaurants and shops within a four block radius.  It has a history as one of the oldest and most desired neighborhoods in the city, which 100 years ago of course was much smaller in circumferance.  Location is great, with the proximity to Seattle Center and all it’s offerings, and the every-so-easy commute (only 2 miles but as much as 20 minutes in rush hour traffic) to I-5 and downtown,  The laid back atmosphere infused with vibrant lifestyleallows one to have a dreamy interlude in the midst of a busy and productive day.  The neighbors, self selected group drawn to the atmosphere, care.   The trendy and ever changing dynamics (like newcomer restaurant How To Cook A Wolf, Ethan Stowell’s 3rd restaurant which has been called “a cross between a cigar box and a sauna!? or like the top-rated Macrina Bakery, “fresh hot breads and pastries in a quaint, light-filled place in Queen Anne”) Perhaps above all, Queen Anne is family friendly (a great community center, parks, and shops like Lily’s Pampering Salon & Party Boutique  kids’ salon and Urban Kids Play or Queen Anne Books which has a Summer Read Program and wonderful kids events.)

Maybe it has a lot to do with the views, views of the city, the Space Needle, Elliot Bay, the old craftsmen homes, the quaint streets lined with trees, the care and love put into the gardens, the tempting shop windows, the cameos of friends having coffee at little sidewalk tables, the quaint atmosphere of the shops and high-ceilinged old buildings that house restaurants and bring a sense of the past of the city into everyday life.

El Diablo Coffee House El Diablo Coffee House

 For a gatherings of listings in Queen Anne don’t hesitate to drop me an email or call with your criteria.  And be on the watch for more blogs featuring this favorite neighborhood.

Urban Kids Play Toy Store Urban Kids Play Toy Store


Metropolitan Market has everything yummy Metropolitan Market has everything yummy


Caffe Ladro, one of the many coffee houses on the Boulevard Caffe Ladro, one of the many coffee houses on the Boulevard


Queen Anne Frame Shop Queen Anne Frame Shop