Blue Highway Games in Queen Anne, You’ll Love It

May 8, 2011 in Queen Anne, Seattle for Kids

Blue Highway Games in Queen AnneStep into the Queen Anne toy store and explore this unique shop full of endless variety of games and toys that go beyond the average.  Simply browse the store for just a few minutes and you will quickly see that Blue Highway Games is one of those rare

great games

places where you will get lost in the fun and create a memory of a shop that you are destined to come back to many times and share with your friends. Blue Highway Games will bring you wonder, enjoyment, and exciting challenges.

Who are all those people sitting at tables in the comfy back area of the shop, and up on the Teen Game Hourloft at tables?  It’s the weekly teen Board Game Challenge, and it’s a full house.  Not only the challenge players get to sit down and play, but anyone is welcome to test out games here.  You should also check out the events calender which is fantastic.  The reviews are enthusiastic to the point of gushing, and I realized I had to sign my son up for the week-long outdoor games summer camp.  Tons of fun for people of all ages and kinds, every style has a game to match, every age has a treasure awaiting.   Blue Highway Games is a gem to be found on the top of  Queen Anne Hill.  Community, fun and challenge, what could be better?