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What Time is Sunset Today?

August 31, 2012 in Ballard, Parks and Beaches, Quick Trips from Seattle, Uncategorized

There is a great website that will tell you what time sunrise and sunset occur here in Seattle (or wherever you are!)  We are making a picnic and heading down to Golden Gardens State Park, with that marvelous crescent shaped beach from which you can watch the boats in the bay, and the sun setting over the Olympics.  If we want to time it so we get a couple hours of daylight, a sunset, and an hour of stargazing before we head home to wash the sand off our feet, what time should we plan to arrive?  When do the garlic roasted potatos and fried chicken have to be packed and ready to go?  Today it appears that sunset is at 7:51 p.m., four minutes sooner than yesterday.  So… let’s get there around six and plan to leave at 9 or 9:30… better bring blankets as the breeze rises up in the evening across the water… stand by for photos!

Edy Kizaki

Concert in Snoqualmie by Early Music local Pacific Musicworks

August 21, 2012 in Quick Trips from Seattle

Got this great news from a friend, wanted to share…

Snoqualmie Point Park is the setting for a concert made up of haunting and lovely 17th Century music with a 21st Century impact.  Pacific Musicworks brings us concert after concert with a delightful blend of history and timelessness!  The park is well known for one of the area’s greatest views of the Snoqualmie Valley as well as Mount Si…and the Cascade Range, and Mount Baker!  A very special open air concert bringing you a chance to enjoy the heart of a summer afternoon with friends and family.  What a place to meet, catch up, picnic, and dream a little dream…a bit unbelievably, this event is FREE!  Read on for details…

Pacific MusicWorks




SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 8, 2012, 2:00pm 

Based on a 1610 collection by Robert Dowland, this concert features some of the greatest hits of the 17th century performed in a magnificent setting. Artists include: lutenist Stephen Stubbs, baroque harpist Maxine Eilander, violinist Tekla Cunningham, and sopranos Catherine Webster and Erin Calata. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own lawn chairs or blankets as well as a picnic.


Snoqualmie Point Park provides stunning views of Mt. Si and the Cascade Mountain Range, at 37580 SE Winery Road, located up the hill from I-90 Exit 27. The event is sponsored by the Snoqualmie Arts Commission and 4Culture.




The concert will begin with an all-women, auditioned a capella ensemble from the Mt Si. Chamber Choir performing contemporary American and French Canadian pieces.





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Visit Edison in September for Northwest Autumn scenes

September 21, 2010 in Quick Trips from Seattle, Seattle This Month

waterways with leaping salmon

My daughter Mia is starting her freshman year of college and we’ve had a week of flurry as we got her ready to go.  Yesterday Dave, my son Daniel and I drove her up to Bellingham and helped her set up her dorm room a little, met her roommates and suite mates (4 girls share a bathroom, much better than when I was in a dorm and 16 people shared one big bathroom at the end of the hall, and one phone), and took her to lunch (Pho) and shopping before driving back down.  On the way home we got off at the Bow-Edison exit and drove west toward the water.  It was toward dusk and we wanted to go see the little town of Edison, pop. 175.  There is something like an artist’s colony there and I read about it in Sunset this month, never having been there.
For a small town it has several restaurants, pubs and antique shops as well as a really nice bread shop, The Breadfarm.  We went in and

The Breadfarm in the tiny town of Edison

 tried out a bite of their whole wheat sample, then chose a

At the Breadfarm, loaves were still warm

baguette and a loaf of their sour cherry-lemon bread.  Going out to the car, we tore off bites of the baguette and munched it, so good!  Next we drove west again toward Puget Sound and stopped at an amazing scene, out of the Sound rose an island with a trail of cloud or fog right through the middle of it, but blue and sunset sky all around.  In the foreground was a big house and a boat dock, and a river running up from the sound and around under the bridge shone in the evening light.

We had to stop, and walked out by the river where a few people were fly fishing, a silent scene with a hypnotic rhythm to it.  The amazing thing was that salmon over two feet long kept

Exploring Edison in Skagit County, North of Seattle

 leaping out of the water, Dave told Daniel and me that they are on their way up river to spawn.  How huge they were, and how high they leapt!  There was a rosy gold tinge to them in the silence and the golden sunset light and with birds calling and wheeling around.  We stood in a timeless moment, reluctant to move or walk on, letting the setting sun fall all around us.  

Finally going on,  we drove a bit farther and saw a hawk flying low over the fields, then stopped again to see a buck and two does reaching up for apples off a tree in an orchard.  At that farm a big rather thin white goat and a short round fat black goat stood at the head of the driveway staring at the deer and at us.  Daniel climbed up and down the bank doing his best to see them and possibly scare them, but luckily they paid him no attention. 

After staring back at the deer and goats for quite a while, we got back in the car and drove back toward I-5 but stopped

Rhododendron Cafe

and Dave treated us to a delicious meal in the “Rhododendron  Cafe,”  which had a sign out telling passersby that it was Medeterinian month.  Dave had paella, and I had pan fried oysters with home grown green beans and baby red potatoes that were light years better than the supermarket veggies.  Daniel had the cheese pizza and we followed it up with a brownie sundae and homemade ice cream.  There was an intriguing party going on at the “Bow Inn” but unfortunately no minors allowed, but great live music, dancing, and a lively artistic crowd. 

Definitely a place to take note of!  Let’s drive up when you get a chance and enjoy the serene and timeless quality of Bow and Edison, so near the city yet in another world.  By going in the day, we’ll get to gallery hop too.

boats docked on the riverbank in Edison