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Relocating Resouces…Virtual Relo Package

June 30, 2012 in Buyer's Handbook, First Time Home Buyers, Relocation Resources Online

If you like to have a paper-based resource in your hand to browse through, nothing can replace the “Seattle Info Guide” in our snail mail Relocation Package.  We are happy to send you one, just email me at edy@seattlecentric.com.  It helps me to know what area or neighborhood you are interested in if there is one, if you have a family, and special interests such as golf, sailing, art, etc.

Other times you will prefer to do a lot of your information gathering online, and here is a collection of websites as a resource for you to explore:



1.  Living In Seattle … the city Government website which includes info on neighborhoods, public transportation, recreation, parks, blogs, and events.

2.  Crime Reports map

3.  Virtual Tours of Seattle

4.  Getting Around, Street System and other Seattle info, including on weather… great Wikipedia article

5.  History and Culture of Seattle including a brief and more involved history

6.  The Seattle Times online

7.  Free Things to Do in Seattle from National Geographic

8. Things to Do in Seattle from Lonely Planet Guides

9.  Cost of Living in Seattle Calculator Guide for Relocation

10.  Seattle PI online

11.  Seattle Landmark Guide by seattle.net

12.  Living With Eagles in King County … guide put out by county

13.  About Bellevue WA

14.  Seattle Child magazine online

15. Seattle Best Neighborhoods 2010 (Seattle Met magazine)

16.  Guide to 107 Neighborhoods by the Numbers (Seattle Met magazine)

17.  Greater Seattle Info Guide online

Edy Kizaki

Eastside Summer Camps, a Pocketful of Fun Choices

May 26, 2012 in Bellevue, Eastside for Kids, Relocation Resources Online

Can See the ForestGood morning, Campers!  And would-be campers, too.  One good place to get started if you are still arranging your summer camp activities is Bellevue Parks and Recreation, which offers day camps and activities in a wide variety of ages and focuses, including Drama, Arts, Language, day camps, mini-horsemanship camps, adaptive recreation, science and technology, “adventure”, and sports and fitness.  Hummm… wondering about that “adventure!”

On checking, it seems that overnights are available for older campers which feature things like skateboard Getting to Know Horseshiking, mountain climbing camps, and others.  We live in one of the most beautiful spots in the country for outdoors sports!  We have amazing resources and amazing people devoted to enhancing and developing your kids’ experience of life, in a summer season that is sweet as honey, with long long evenings that can be devoted to outdoors activities, and a parental schedule that usually does not include being off for three months of the year.  The answer?  Give them their own little slice of heaven, summer camp offerings created to delight and inspire.

Here is just a sample, and you can check their website for the complete downloadable guide:

  • Bellevue Youth Theater Day Camps
  • Kelsey Creek Go-Go with Van Gogh Art Camp
  • Abracadoodle Doodler Camp
  • Masters of the Art World…Drawing Fundamentals
  • Manderin Chinese, Korean, and Spanish Language Camps for Kids
  • Kelsey Creek Day Camp (Planting on the Farm, Pirates’ Hidden Treasures, Animals on the Farm, Wonders of Science, Make a Splash, etc.)
  • Fundamentals of Horsemanship
  • Games With Horses
  • Mad Science Academy of Future Space Explorers
  • Science Sleuths
  • LEGO Junkyard Challenge
  • Moviemaking 101
  • DigiPen Exploring Art and Animation
  • San Juan Islands Whale Watching
  • Summer Rock Climbing Camp
  • Skateboard Camp
  • High Adventure Camp (camp in the Cascades)
  • Skaters in the Woods (3 day backpacking skating adventure)
  • Cheerleading Camp
  • Beginning Fencing Camp
  • Kendo Camp
  • Pro Baseball Summer Camp
  • UK International Soccer Camp
  • Mini Sports Stars Summer Day Camp

Other Eastside Camps to Explore:

Wilderness Awareness School… (half and full day summer camps, overnight, adventure, etc.)

Chess 4 Life School Summer Camps (only chess, or chess + music, chess + sports, chess +martial arts, etc.)

Rain City Fencing Center Summer Camps (started year 2000)

DigiPen Technology Summer Workshops (grades 5-12)

Grand Slam Baseball Camps (in Enumclaw)


I will add more to this list as we find them, and please let me know of any good ones.




Edy Kizaki

All About Alderwood Mall in Lynnwood

March 27, 2012 in Lynnwood, Lynnwood Handbook

If you want to see a photo album of Black Friday at Alderwood Mall (the Friday after Thanksgiving, huge shopping day) , I did a blog on that a couple of years ago.

REI Store at AlderwoodAlderwood Mall is a great place to visit, meet friends, see a movie, have an upscale meal or a wonderful sweet treat, do some furniture shopping, have a choice of conveyer belt sushi restaurants or joints that specialize in satisfying burger plates with sweet potato fries.  Some of my favorites include Aldo shoes, REI, the Apple Store, Nordstrom’s, Macy’s, Sears, JC Penny’s, Red Mango frozen yoghurt, Williams Sonoma, an Andes Sweater Shop, a wonderful Paper and Stationary shop, a Japanese little-stuff shop, and so many more, just check out the directory for the scoop.

I enjoy the way the paths wind around like little village streets and there are lots of places to sit down outside on benches and at tables and rest from the wearying strolls through the upscale merchandize boutiques.  There is also a 1,200 square foot indoor play area which has Edmond’s Sweedish Hospital (one of the close ones in Lynnwood) Wandering Alderwood Mallpartnering, so you can get great health info while your children are playing warm and dry even on a rainy day.  You have to be 48″ or smaller to play in the play area.

Lowe’s Theater has 16 screens and is a fine place to go for new movies that you want to see.

As for restaurants, you can choose from the American Girl Bistro, Anthony’s, Blazing Onion, Blue C Sushi, Claim Jumper, P.F. Chang’s China Bistro, Romano’s Macaroni Grill, Ruby’s Diner, a big and light filled food court, and also a Starbucks, Coldstone Creamery, Godiva Chocolate, Panara Bread and Pinkabella Cupcakes.  Winding Paths and Facinating ShoppingNearby are numerous other decent fast food places including such standards as Subway and California Burgers and Sushi Land, and a great Korean noodle joint in the big Asian supermarket.  Also a Nordstrom Rack, some other good outlets, a Linens N Things, a Marshalls, a Michael’s Arts and Crafts, and a Barnes and Nobles.  And so much more!