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November 21, 2012 in Ballard, Bellevue, Edmonds, First Time Home Buyers, Fremont, Green Lake, Greenwood/Phinney Ridge, Issaquah, Kirkland, Lynnwood, Magnolia, Mercer Island, Monroe, Montlake, Mukilteo, Queen Anne, Seattle Buyer's Guide, Shoreline, Snohomish, Snoqualmie, Wallingford, West Seattle, Woodinville


Just click on this map to go to my mapsearch page!  It allows you to specify everything and create your own searches.  You can cancel the searches when you are tired of getting emails on new properties.  And I (Edy) am the only one who gets your email and phone number, and I never give or sell it to anyone without your permission.   My purpose is to serve your goals, let me know what they are and I will make it happen.

Edy Kizaki

Finding Home in Seattle

October 31, 2012 in Ballard, Buyer's Handbook

home in a desirable Ballard neighborhoodIf you want a yard in Seattle, you’ll have to be prepared to spend a lot more than for the same nice house in Edmonds with a yard. On the other hand, with a lot less yard you can probably find as nice a house much nearer to the center of the city.  Or if you’re on a limited budget but you’d really love to live in the highly sought-after neighborhood of Queen Anne with all those lifestyle amenities, you might be able to do so by deciding not to keep a car, and choosing one of the condos which does not come with parking – that could just put it within your price range.  Or if you just love those 1900’s character homes, you may as well make up your mind that they all have at one time or another been liberally covered with lead based paint, and either go with a home that is bound to have some traces of said paint, or choose a home built after 1979 when they stopped using it.

I worked with one couple where the husband really wanted a new home, or at least no more than ten years old.  He just thought that it would save them so very much time and trouble in the long run by simply buying a newer house.  What he failed to realize was that in Lake Forest Park where they’d lived several years already, there are very few newly built homes.  As an expensive community with great schools there are valuable older homes and not really room for new lots or houses.  If a developer does manage to get a lot, he is likely to build a high end home and maximize his profit, whereas my clients wanted to keep their purchase under $400,000.  There are a good selection of nicely remodeled older homes in their area at that price.  They eventually chose to move to Bothell where there are several developments of new homes, and the schools have a great reputation.  What they gave up was a yard (those new construction homes tend to be on small lots) for their three boys to play in, their school, their friends, and the boys’ friends.  What they got was a nice new modern craftsman with a clean two-car garage, granite coutertops and large closets, and a room for each boy and an office for Dad too.

These are not easy choices but they will be necessary as you begin to approach the task of defining what home is for you.  Even my clients who are ready to spend several million dollars on a beautiful and unique waterfront home seem to have every bit as much challenge in finding the right set of elements in the same place under one roof, and hopefully a roof that will not need to be replaced in the near future.  And I myself, while my family was in the process of having a custom home built for us, was told by my wise older friends, “Oh, they say you have to have a home built for yourself three times before you really get it right.  The first one is a learning experience.”  Well said, and so true, as my husband and I found out after living in the home we’d worked so hard to shape to perfection in the planning phase.  Not that it was bad, just that it wasn’t perfect.

So, take a deep breath, decide what your budget is and what elements are going to make your home right for you, talk it over slowly and in depth with your agent and be prepared to listen to a few words about what can be found where and at what cost, and start finding out what elements make your home right for you in the beautiful Northwest, and what you might be willing to give up to make sure those essentials are in place.  If you’re a couple, this is a process you will have to do together, so the more you go over hypothetical homes to start out with, the easier it will be to recognize “the one” when you finally see it.


Edy Kizaki

What Time is Sunset Today?

August 31, 2012 in Ballard, Parks and Beaches, Quick Trips from Seattle, Uncategorized

There is a great website that will tell you what time sunrise and sunset occur here in Seattle (or wherever you are!)  We are making a picnic and heading down to Golden Gardens State Park, with that marvelous crescent shaped beach from which you can watch the boats in the bay, and the sun setting over the Olympics.  If we want to time it so we get a couple hours of daylight, a sunset, and an hour of stargazing before we head home to wash the sand off our feet, what time should we plan to arrive?  When do the garlic roasted potatos and fried chicken have to be packed and ready to go?  Today it appears that sunset is at 7:51 p.m., four minutes sooner than yesterday.  So… let’s get there around six and plan to leave at 9 or 9:30… better bring blankets as the breeze rises up in the evening across the water… stand by for photos!