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A Truly Neighborhood Bar and Grill in Green Lake

June 4, 2012 in Green Lake, Restaurants

GLBG2Hey, is it Greenlake or Green Lake, anyway?  This question may never be settled, because here in Seattle people have been doing both.  I tend to think it’s actually Greenlake, as seen in the media most often.  But then, on the Seattle Parks website, it’s Green Lake.  And in our real estate Multiple Listing Service, the GLBG3neighborhood is known as Green Lake.  So when I write about the neighborhood, I use the spelling Green Lake.

But enough of this, let’s talk about a great place to eat in … er… Green Lake.  The Greenlake Bar & Grill.  If you click on their logo on the Neighborhood Grills website (this is one of a group of restaurants which also include Eastlake Bar & Grill (one of our favorites), Lake Forest Park Bar & Grill (great eats, service only so so) Lunchbox Laboratory (recently I blogged on it) in South Lake Union, and two I have not tried, Crossroads Bar and Grill and Bremmerton Bar and Grill).  ANYway, if you click on the Greenlake logo, you will get a cool video of the venue and nearby Green Lake too.

The food is great, plentiful, and deservedly talked about with real pleasure by the regulars!  They do a breakfast daily from 9 to 11 with such favorites as GLBG5Buttermilk Pancakes, various scrambles, Breakfast Tacos, Veggie Fritatta, Shirmp and Potato Cakes…brunch is Saturdays and Sundays 9-2 with a grilled steak and blue cheese salad, fish and chips, burgers, angus prime dip, Piggy Mac n Cheese topped with grilled chicken, and more.  The menus are on their website along with lunch, dinner, and happy hour (finger foods like smokey cheddar fries and so much more, salads, burgers, well drinks, beers, all at very happy prices) menus too.

The same dishes do show up throughout all the menus as appropriate for time of day, but they do have daily specials as well.  Yesterday these included, for lunch on the $7.99 Big Deal Lunch, a Chicken Rice Bowl, Patty Melt done up right, Asian BBQ Salmon Sandwich, combos, for rotating drafts Elysian Perseus Porter, Pyramid Curveball Blonde, Sierra Nevada pale Ale, and Sam Adams Summer Ale (well, it WAS GreenlakeBar&Grill1pretty sunny after all) and cocktails that included an Orange Mojito, Acai Cosmo, and Whipped Caramel Cocoa with two kinds of vodka.

For me though, it’s as much the atmosphere that makes it a good choice, the light from the park slanting in the windows, the architectural spaces and privacy created by the inspired layout, the mood lighting and fast, friendly and efficient service.  Try it and let me know what you think!  And don’t forget to grab a latte and walk around the lake when you’re done with your meal.

GreenLakeWhile we’re on the subject, Green Lake is a place people love to live, and come to from surrounding areas and actually all over, to play and relax.  It is known as a center of physical fitness activity for one, a serene getaway in the midst of the city, a place with great eateries and a few good shops too, and all the sports and play opportunities that the Green Lake Park itself offers. It is a wonderful little pocket of lifestyle in the heart (well, northern heart) of Seattle, Green Lake real estate is always in demand simply because of what the lake provides, as well as the proximity to the downtown area making it a “dream commute” and easy to get to I-520 or I-90 to get to the Eastside too.  It is also one of the smaller neighborhoods space wise, creating more demand than the housing that exists, which keeps value high.  In recent years (but before the slow down in the market) there were many nice townhouse projects executed to the north and west of the central Green Lake area which brought more affordable housing into the highly desirable area.








Edy Kizaki

Try Duke’s in Green Lake

April 4, 2012 in Green Lake, Restaurants

Dukes1Everyone knows and loves Duke’s Chowder House in Green Lake.  It IS famous award winning chowder, and it IS addictive.  It’s even hard to choose which of the five distinctive chowders you want at any given visit (which is probably why they have the chowder sampler with 2, 3, 4, or even 5 choices in little “boat” bowls).  You have to decide, the clam chowder (the real thing, I think my favorite clam chowder I’ve ever had, seriously), the Northwest seafood chowder, the NW Coast Dungeness Crab and Bourbon Chowder, or perhaps you’d prefer a non-seafood choice?  The Cajun Chicken corn chowder?  Last but not least is a very rich and savory Lobster Pernod chowder.

Something to know about this local favorite with six locations is that they use fresh and natural ingredients.  How often have you wondered what kind of water or beef they used to make your soup or sandwich?  With Duke’s, wonder no more.  The website and the menus explain pretty clearly that all their ingredients are fresh, and 100% natural.  In fact, it explains that this clam chowder is the only 100% natural in the world, with no flavor enhancers, no color


enhancers, chemicals or preservatives.  They don’t have Atlantic or farmed salmon.  They cook with oil that has no trans fat.  They use wild Alaskan seafood.  They use beef  and chicken that is free of hormones, drugs, and antibiotics.  The list goes on!  For me, it is just the best tasting clam chowder ever… so much for flavor “enhancers”.

Or perhaps you are going out for drinks with your friends or your sweetheart?  Then if I were you I would try hard to make it to Happy Hour, which is 3-6 and 9-close (they close at 12 Friday and Saturday and 11 the other nights, dinner ends an hour before closing).  They have great cocktails including a famous “bloody bloody Mary”, a Blueberry Lemon Drop, some great Mojitos including Cucumber (woa?!) and their Grapefruit Nirvanna was voted “most refreshing Dukes3cocktail in Seattle” in 2011.

Last year Dave and I were sitting with Maura and Keith on the deck of the West Seattle Duke’s (on Alki overlooking the beach) and had what I am pretty sure was the best happy hour in history, pretty much reminding me most of those late Sunday mornings in SF for brunch at Mission Bay Cafe, watching the little boats pull up to the pier and people climb up for breakfast on the deck over the auto body shop.  Thanks, Dukes.  Don’t ever stop doing what you do!

Edy Kizaki

Irwin’s Neighborhood Bakery and Cafe in Tangletown

June 4, 2011 in Coffeehouses, Green Lake


Driving through Green Lake’s Tangletown neighborhood, I spotted a new Irwin’s Neighborhood Bakery and Cafe.  Wow!  I had to stop and check it out, learning that it had just opened May 14.  There are two established locations already in Seattle, in Wallingford and Eastlake, and the scones are legendary.  At the Wallingford bakery they have artist exhibits changing monthly, and hopefully that will emerge here too, as time goes on.


I just have to mention that they use Cafe Vita coffee, which is my new Seattle roasted favorite (see Cafe Vita Phinney Ridge blog).  Other wildly good goodies available depending when you visit are the blueberry muffins, ginger molasses cookies, mini chocolate chip cupcakes, and breakfast and lunch choices abound, for example the “eggle” a bagle with egg, or spicy chicken chilli or quiche.


It’s quiet, warm, welcoming, friendly, all in all, highly recommended!  Check out the Menu.