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Walking Around Green Lake – Quiet Winter Haven

February 1, 2013 in Green Lake, Parks and Beaches

GLtreesIt’s three miles around Green Lake on the walking path.  There are actually two paths next to each other, one for those on wheels and the other for those on foot.  In the summer there are boat rentals, tennis WhiteDogcourts, the kids’ playground, the community center with a swimming pool, and sunbathers on the grass.  In winter it’s a quieter scene, but just as intriguing.

One of Seattle’s favorite parks, it is hard to imagine a day any time of year when Green Lake wouldn’t have a steady stream of dog walkers, joggers, skaters (OK more of them in the summer, but…) and even bicyclists making use of the variety of paths and the road that circle the three mile path circling the lake. Want to sit and soak in the beauty? Take a seat on the strategically placed benches. Your toddler wants to mess around in the sand or climb the play equipment? Head for the playground. Basketball? It’s there. Indoor gym and pool? Inside the community center. Grass to picnic on? Yes. Rental boats? Yes. Swimming? Indeed, although that certainly takes place mainly in the summer. And always, people watching.


In winter the air may be mighty crisp but the walkers and runners circling the lake look intent and happy all at once, if that’s possible to imagine. It’s a factor GreenLake03GreenLake5-2of the quietly stunning scenes you will never fail to encounter if it’s bright and blue or luminously glowing grey with sunset tones and translucent violets. Clean air surrounds you and seems to transport you to a timeless grace where everything is just as it should be and Green Lake is your own personal little slice of heaven.







Edy Kizaki

What Time is Sunset Today?

August 31, 2012 in Ballard, Parks and Beaches, Quick Trips from Seattle, Uncategorized

There is a great website that will tell you what time sunrise and sunset occur here in Seattle (or wherever you are!)  We are making a picnic and heading down to Golden Gardens State Park, with that marvelous crescent shaped beach from which you can watch the boats in the bay, and the sun setting over the Olympics.  If we want to time it so we get a couple hours of daylight, a sunset, and an hour of stargazing before we head home to wash the sand off our feet, what time should we plan to arrive?  When do the garlic roasted potatos and fried chicken have to be packed and ready to go?  Today it appears that sunset is at 7:51 p.m., four minutes sooner than yesterday.  So… let’s get there around six and plan to leave at 9 or 9:30… better bring blankets as the breeze rises up in the evening across the water… stand by for photos!

Edy Kizaki

November Sunset at Golden Gardens in Ballard

November 27, 2011 in Ballard, Parks and Beaches

GG2Next to Puget Sound, in the old Ballard neighborhood, lies Golden Gardens Park and Shilshole Bay Marina.  These days Ballard is one of the cool Seattle destinations, and locals treasure the restaurants and GG3shopping on Market St NW and Ballard Ave.

But then there’s Sunset Hill, the neighborhood just over Golden Gardens Park on the bluff.  Stairs down from 34th Ave will take neighborhood walkers down steep flights to the Sound, or you can drive down.

Or if you go down Market St past the Ballard Locks, you can drive along the Marina north (past two great eating spots, Ray’s Boathouse and Anthony’s) till you get to the park and the beach at Golden Gardens.  Either way the views of the sunset are quietly breathtaking.

Strolling along the Marina at sunset is peaceful and uplifting at the same time, or wander down to the beach and sit on one of the logs to watch the boats and the sunset.  One caution, dogs are not allowed on the sand part, so if you have your beastie with you you’ll probably plan to stick to the sidewalk part.