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Happy 4th of July!

July 4, 2013 in Activities, Ballard, Queen Anne, Seattle Real Estate for Sale

Fireworks from Gasworks ParkIt’s a quietly bright day in Seattle after days of blazing golden sunshine.  We are back to our silver-toned sky with patches of blue showing through, promising to clear up for our Seafair Fireworks Celebration.  The display starts at 10:15 p.m. tonight in Gas Works Park, but we’ll be viewing it from our third-floor balcony in Ballard with friends and family gathering for a little viewing party.  Hope your 4th is fantastic and a great kick-off to July!

Some of the events you won’t want to miss this month center around our fantastic annual Seafair, and the Ballard Seafood Festival is so popular that everyone I talked to yesterday is going!  Coincidence or trend… I’m going to swing out and declare it a trend, in our corner of the globe!  This is the 39th annual Ballard Seafood Fest and it’s being held Saturday and Sunday, July 13th and 14th, in the heart of downtown Ballard.  That’s walking distance from our place, so for those who know me reading this, why not come by and we’ll explore it together? Email me and we’ll connect.  The festival is free but of course there will be plenty of seafood treats to buy, both to eat there and to take home.  There’s also “great music, local brews, kids’ activities, and quality arts and crafts.”

As for housing news, check out this article about Consumer Confidence in Home Value skyrocketing…home in a desirable Ballard neighborhood

Reports of strong home price gains drove confidence in the housing market up to record levels in May, Fannie Mae reported.  According to the GSE’s May 2013 National Housing Survey, Americans expressed record confidence in price gains, with 55 percent—a survey high—saying they believe prices will go up in the next year. Only 7 percent of respondents in the survey expect prices to drop, the lowest level since the survey’s inception.  Read more here…

On some nearby neighborhoods, homes that came on the market in Ballard this spring sold in a record average of 18 days, in Queen Anne it was 43 days.



Edy Kizaki

Evaluating a House

November 20, 2012 in Buyer's Handbook, First Time Home Buyers, Real Estate 411, Seattle Real Estate for Sale

An enchanting new home on a small lot can be a winner if you prioritize home features such as finishes and gourmet kitchen over privacy from passing cars or your neighbors.

A question I am often asked by home buyers is whether or not it is best to buy a new home. There are pros and cons to new homes as well as old. Newer homes are usually easier to maintain and more energy efficient. Older homes generally have lower property taxes and are in more established neighborhoods. On the other hand, older homes are likely to require more repairs and upkeep, and sometimes have different aesthetics about such design features as openness or family living space.  (Please see my recent blog Finding Home in Seattle for a discussion of some of the trade offs that take place when deciding what’s most important to you when establishing the parameters of your search.)

It is best to evaluate each house based on what it has to offer. There are many things to look for when walking through a home, including the following:

* Is there enough space for the present and the future?
* Does it have the desired number of bedrooms and bathrooms?
* Are you happy with the lot size?
* Do you like the floor plan?
* Does it include all of the minimum amenities for your lifestyle?
* How will your furniture fit in the space?
* Is there enough storage space for your needs?
* Is the house structurally sound and well maintained?
* Is the construction quality up to your standards?

As your buyer’s agent I will help point out the pros and cons of each home from a professional standpoint. My job is to provide you with the best information on the home and it’s surroundings possible, and point out things that need to be checked on.  Once we sort out the homes that do not interest you, we should

Older home in expensive Ballard neighborhood will have design features of yesteryear, but so will your neighbor’s homes, it becomes a game to meld old and new, all part of the neighborhood ambiance.

consider the details of the ones you like, including the amount of work that needs to be done if you purchase the home (which of course impacts the value). It is best to determine if all of the mechanical systems and appliances work, but in the normal course of the purchase process, this is taken care of by a detailed inspection done after the offer has been made and accepted (called mutual acceptance).  In order to chose which home to offer on, once you are happy with the home details, we should go back to the final contestants for a second look (quickly if the market is moving fast, as it currently is in Seattle, West Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland and Woodinville, not so much in the surrounding cities). This will help us select the perfect home for you. On average, home buyers walk through fifteen houses before selecting one, some more and some less of course.

The more you keep me updated with your needs, the better I can assist you. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. I can be reached at 206-249-2914, edy@seattlecentric.com.

P.S.  I have a Buyer’s Checklist in PDF form that I sometimes use with my clients as we go thorough a selection of homes, so if that would be useful let me know and I’ll send it to you.  I’ll try to figure out how to offer it as a download from this site 🙂


Edy Kizaki

8610 Delridge Way SW

November 11, 2012 in First Time Home Buyers, Seattle Real Estate for Sale, West Seattle

Hello World! This 4 bedroom 2 bath home in West Seattle was built in 1945 and has been redone carefully and with beautiful finishes such as hardwood, granite, beams, and a wonderful master suite As well as lovely finishes, this home has an exceptional back yard and large lot, making it a good candidate for investment as larger lots will hold value and appreciate more than smaller lots. The location is extremely close and convenient to South Seattle Community College. I have put this home photo tour up for the convenience of our clients who needed to see more photos and get a better idea of the floor plan. Sorry for any flaws in the photos as they were taken almost after dark and the light is not so great. But the home really shows up!

front of home seen from driveway


Approaching front door.


Front porch.


Walking toward front porch.


View of porch and ceiling of porch made of honey colored wood.


Front door.


Looking into living room standing outside front door.


Inside front door is stone tile entry.


Part of living room, with wood floor.


Looking from living room into dining room and kitchen. At right is hallway with two bedrooms.


Another angle still standing in living room, you can see dining room and the granite counter with bar stools, and beyond that is the kitchen.


Looking from dining room into kitchen.


Showing other side of kitchen with refrigerator, counter, and cabinets. In the back past the refrigerator is another doorway leading to bathroom, another large bedroom on this floor, stairs to master bedroom suite upstairs, and through bathroom are stairs to downstairs and a door out to the back yard.



First bedroom seen from doorway into room.


Closet in first bedroom, and on far left is doorway back into hall.


Standing in doorway of first bedroom looking across the hall into second bedroom.


Inside second bedroom.


There is a two-step up in this second bedroom, to an alcove with window into the backyard and also the closet.


Looking out the window of the second bedroom you can see a small bit of the back yard, which is large and well laid out with different areas.


Looking back at the door of the second bedroom from the window.


Going back into kitchen heading for back hallway.


Standing in kitchen looking out into back hallway… door to main bathroom is visible ahead.


Looking into main bathroom.


Standing in the hallway outside bathroom door. Ahead is door to third bedroom, and just to the right of that is stairway up to master suite.


Looking into third bedroom.


In the third bedroom (it is a large room with about twice the space of the first two bedrooms) looking at the window that looks out on the front yard.


Looking back in 3rd bedroom toward sliding glass doors that lead out to back yard patio. You can see entrance door is halfway down the room, and closet is over near sliding doors.


In the third bedroom looking into walk in closet. On the left is a set of sliding glass doors that goes out into the patio in the back yard.


In third bedroom looking out glass doors at patio.


Back in hallway looking up stairs to master suite (bedroom and bathroom).


This is taken standing at top of stairs on the little landing. To right is door to balcony overlooking back yard and to left is door to master suite.


Standing at top of stairs looking into large master bedroom with beautiful wood beam, and master bath and walk in closet.


Still standing at doorway looking into master suite. The window looks out on the front yard and the buildings outside are townhouses which are across Delridge Way.


Standing in master bedroom at door to private bathroom, looking at tile floors, large soaking tub and can see granite counters on sink.


Showing sink and tub with tile details.


Shows detail of granite counter of sink, as well as floor of bathroom.


Shows tile detail and showerhead in tub/shower area.


Looking out bathroom window just to see what condition roof is in. It looks in good condition.


Going back out master bath into master bedroom again. (You can see large closet ahead.)


Looking out master bedroom window at view of street and townhouses across street.


In Master looking back toward door, bathroom door, and closet door (standing next to window)


Going outside onto balcony overlooking back yard.


Showing balcony. Neighbor’s house visible in distance.


Looking at back yard from balcony.


Looking down from balcony to see tiled patio. Back yard is about 8 times as large as this section. I will go back tomorrow when I am doing the photos of the house we saw today and go down into lower level to show storage room.


I thought I had a few shots going back out but am not finding them at this time… will add them in the morning if I find them!  Otherwise will go back to this house tomorrow and get shots of those rooms too.


Tomorrow morning I will put up the photos of the other house on Delridge, and also the nice one we saw today that Nana liked.

Please send us any questions you have!