Mike’s Chili Parlor, a Great Ballard Lunch

October 25, 2010 in Ballard, Restaurants, Seattle Communities

On a blue jeans day when you are around the locks, there is a great place to go in Ballard where you will satisfy your constant craving for chili, chili dogs, chili burgers, chili cheeseburgers, chili fries…and did I mention chili?

a great place to grab lunch in Ballard...Mike's

All washed down with a draft beer, or a coke if you are going to preview some houses later in the afternoon.

Mike’s Chili Parlor has been a Ballard hang out landmark for longer than I personally remember, but one of my

here comes the chilidog

favorite fellow agents, Jim Rappond of our office, recently challenged me, Dave Sato and Marybeth Cicirello to a Mike’s Chili Parlor blog-off.  Of course this meant that I had to go find it and eat a bowl of chili right away.  Dave had to too, and he had to eat a chili dog.  We found it right next to the big new mixed-use shopping / office building, Ballard Blocks, where a huge Trader Joe’s rules the corner and … yep, the result is paid parking on the street.  It turned out to be worth it, though, because I really enjoyed my time there, it was service with a smile, and the chili was good too.

It’s old red vinyl booths or bar stools, lots of TVs for watching the game

like the red floor too

from anywhere in the whole place, and a mixed clientele of youngsters and oldsters and inbetweensters, basically anyone with an hour to kill and a yen for chili will show up there and join the crowd.  There are also intrepid video game players and I must admit I was tempted to join them for a few minutes  there before my chili, liberally garnished with jalapenos, onions and cheese, came and I was lost to anything else as I consumed every last good drop.  Let us know how you like it, and where you go for lunch in Ballard.