Green Lake Chocolati Cafe is Superior!

February 10, 2011 in Coffeehouses, Green Lake

Chocolati1Welcome to one of Seattle’s local chocolate factory cafes!  Chocolati Cafe is in 4 locations, this one at Green Lake, and also in Wallingford, Greenwood, Downtown (at Seattle Public Library), and a Factory Outlet which is on Aurora also near Green Lake (at 77th).  If you are out enjoying a stroll around Green Lake, this would be the place to finish up your outing (unless you need cake at Cake Envy instead, or perhaps tempura or even sushi at Mio Sushi just a block west, or even a bowl of award-winning chowder at Duke’s at the west end of the street).  If something hot rich and sweet is what you crave, you’re in for a superior experience at Chocolate Cafe.

It’s not just about taking care of your chocolate habit, or getting a superior valentine gift for that special Chocolati4someone.  Yes, the chocolates are unique recipes and all handcrafted.  But more, the cafes are set up especially to provide the most warm rich comfortable and – ineffably charming – chocolate experience, along with the usual array of Italian coffee reinterpreted in the highest possible chocolate-heaven formats.  Just for example, the Dark Vedar Rasperry Hot Chocolate is just about perfect, if you like warm dark rich sweet and powerfully flavorful beverages.

Chocolati2Chocolati has been a Seattle fixture from just about as soon as it opened in 2000.  An example of why are their hand-dipped chocolate covered fortune cookies.  Can you imagine anything more fun than a package of four (depending on guest count) to finish off a birthday celebration in a Chinese Restaurant?  Or practically anywhere for that matter.  Other richly crafted and unique chocolate products include Hot Chocolati in four flavors…Aztec, Bittersweet, Cayenne (my favorite) and House Blend.  Hot Chocolate Nirvana, they call it, and they have my vote.  A lovingly packaged tin of one of these can hardly miss as a gift for a Satellite or elsewhere to show them what they are missing.  But don’t hesitate to splurge for your own household, this is the real deal.

Beyond hot chocolate, cookies, or hand crafted truffles with a seasonal flair (like the Cayenne Truffle or the Cherry Burgandy Truffle for Valentine’s Day), what would you say to Chocolate Wine Sauce?  There is Dark Chocolate Cabernet, Espresso Merlot, and Raspberry Burgundy.  For those Martha Stewart-like souls who insist on crafting their own delicate holiday chocolate hearts, what could be better to drizzle over?  Or imagine one mixed into Chocolate Mousse, or even drizzled over rich vanilla ice cream with some creme fraiche for an accent.  Decadent?  Yes.  Worthwhile?  Decidedly.  Enjoy!  And don’t feel bad, you deserve something good after walking around Green Lake in the brisk January weather.  Oh, you were running, sorry, that’s what I meant.