Green Market in Sunset Hill is a Community Favorite

April 9, 2012 in Ballard, Shopping

GreenMkt1Life is good in Sunset Hill.  This premium Ballard neighborhood manages to have a distinct personality even within the larger area of Ballard.  Because it is out near the bluff overlooking Shilshole Bay and the marina and yacht harbor? Because it is so close to Golden Gardens Beach Park? Because it has a handful of wonderful little neighborhood stores and restaurants? Because of the great schools and community center? The Tudor and craftsman lined streets? The bright open skies that often occur near the water GreenMkt3(seen often in such magazines as Coastal Living but they do really exist)?  It’s hard to pin the reason down to one factor, but the truth is that Green Market is a good example of what makes the neighborhood attractive and intimately livable and walkable.

For a tiny space there is so much here, and it is so fresh.  Refrigerator cases offer staples and goodies, and new and intriguing “green” gourmet foods.  There are crackers, for example, but then there are also GreenMkt4multi-seed organic crackers.  And there are very nice fruits, apples, bananas, melon, but then there is fresh and tempting spring Asparagus, and it’s local and it’s on sale.  They are particularly proud of a large and sophisticated selection of wine and cheeses, including hand picked organic wine and local Northwest beers.

There are tons of local choices on the shelves here.  Honey I’m Home Catering stocks them with fresh soups and salads.  In addition they have their dressings, wraps, spreads, and special deserts!  There is fresh milk delivered several times a week from the local Smith Brothers Dairy.  Columbia Gorge juices and local fresh ice cream from Lopez Island Creamery.  Then there are the breads, among other local bakeries Macrina and Columbia City Bakery deliver their popular breads here.  Come taste for yourself!