Irwin’s Neighborhood Bakery and Cafe in Tangletown

June 4, 2011 in Coffeehouses, Green Lake


Driving through Green Lake’s Tangletown neighborhood, I spotted a new Irwin’s Neighborhood Bakery and Cafe.  Wow!  I had to stop and check it out, learning that it had just opened May 14.  There are two established locations already in Seattle, in Wallingford and Eastlake, and the scones are legendary.  At the Wallingford bakery they have artist exhibits changing monthly, and hopefully that will emerge here too, as time goes on.


I just have to mention that they use Cafe Vita coffee, which is my new Seattle roasted favorite (see Cafe Vita Phinney Ridge blog).  Other wildly good goodies available depending when you visit are the blueberry muffins, ginger molasses cookies, mini chocolate chip cupcakes, and breakfast and lunch choices abound, for example the “eggle” a bagle with egg, or spicy chicken chilli or quiche.


It’s quiet, warm, welcoming, friendly, all in all, highly recommended!  Check out the Menu.