Mr. Gyros in Ballard is Cheap Good Eats

May 15, 2011 in Ballard, Restaurants

Without a doubt, one of the best places to get a gyro in Seattle is Mr. Gyros.  We are definitely a city that loves a good gyro and  whether it’s beef, lamb, or chicken, there is always a heated discussion about which place is best.  If you are in the north part of Seattle, you can’t go wrong with Mr. Gyros. And it’s worth the drive no matter which part of town you are in.

The Gyros Plate comes with your warm sandwich as well as a “Greek salad,” hummus, delicious rice, and a pepper on the side.  At first glance the salad may seem like a lot of lettuce, but do not despair. The salad is incredible, and I don’t know what the dressing is but it’s really good!  The hummus is creamier and tastier (ah ha, this must be what the real thing tastes like).  I didn’t expect the rice to have a sort of creamy taste, it was unusually delicious. A nice little surprise.  Perhaps they put something in the water when they steam it.  The shaved meat is layered up in stacks behind the counter and it looks wonderful, and tastes even better.  I tried the Gyro plate the first time I ate here, and had to bring my family back to show them my new favorite gyro place.  There are many other really yummy looking selections including fattoush and falafal, baba ganoush and mint tea.

Yelp reviews call this food”wonderful” “awesome” and “ridiculously good” and some people claim to eat there as much as three times a week.  I believe it because I took my family back the very next night!  It’s so fast for the order, if you walk in you’ll have your food in 3 minutes, or take out to get home and feed the crew.  The prices are really great and the portions are so big you’ll have leftovers for another full meal or can split an order!

In addition to the food, I won’t forget the super friendly service.  The store is owned and operated by two brothers (it’s their second one, the first was in Greenwood, have not been there yet) and at least one of them is a musician with music playing in the restaurant at times!  The guys gave us great advice on what to try and were more than hospitable. They truly care to take care of you.

Another little special feature is the take-out window open till 2:30 a.m. on Fridays.  And they were voted Best Gyros in Seattle!  The tables are high up with high stools and the room is pretty basic, a neighborhood joint kind of feeling. Bright colors and cool posters make it upbeat.  Better try Mr. Gyros in Greenwood or Ballard, you will be pleasantly satisfied.