Mukilteo Morning in November

November 14, 2010 in Mukilteo, Seattle This Month

Living here by Puget Sound is one of the delightful experiences life offers, and every day is a new opportunity for adventure.  Sometimes that’s meeting the facinating variety of people that make up Seattle and it’s surrounding cities and towns, sometimes that’s exploring a new shop or going to some of the huge variety of events and entertainment that is available.  And sometimes it’s just walking the dog on a still morning that could not be sweeter.

Walking the dog (our husky Momo), there is no question in my mind that this is the most perfect morning in the history of the universe.  Quiet and with a soft mist around the edges, yet I am sweaterless and quite happy.  The autumn leaves testify to the approach of winter and are filled with a beauty of the ending of things and the quiet season.  Down toward the end of the street three fine old white houses sit facing the Sound, still dreaming tucked into their nests of bushes and paths.  As we wander past I imagine the views of the water this fine still morning, it must be gray and spread out between the land and the far mountains (you can see the Olympics on the West Sound from here) like a fuzzy gray blanket with no wrinkes.  Wishing this moment in time would last…

deer browse the old apple orchard every dusk