Decluttering Checklist and Video Resources for Selling Your Home

Would some decluttering benefit your space?  Your sense of peace?  Your ability to manage time and your household?  (And your sales and moving process?)  If your “stuff” is starting to crowd you, take a few minutes to declutter one little area as an experiment.  After you have, notice if anything changes in your relationship to the area in question.

It’s human nature to squirrel away or “hog” stuff. At the beginning of your process ask yourself these questions:

1. Would you go out and buy one today?
2. Did you even remember you have it?
3. Have you used it since your last move? (or some people say in the last 2 years)
4.  Are you keeping it because you love it and really need it?

A “No” to any of the questions means that you should consider donating it or tossing it out.

To address the sense of obligation that prompts us to keep so much of what we have (grandmother’s tea set, the silver plated snikdopple your best friend gave you at the wedding, the lei from your college graduation bash) it is helpful to understand that the person you are remembering is not longer attached to the item.  In the case of inherited items, they may have loved it but they don’t really care about THINGS anymore.  And in most cases what is holding you to the object is the memory of the person.  Keep your phone or camera handy and take photos of the things that you remember as attached to a person, and make a little album with notes which you can keep and add to as memories of people you love.

Declutter Help Videos:
How to Declutter Your Home
Top Tips for Getting the House in Order
Erin Rooney Unclutter Your Life in One Week
Unclutter Your Life in One Week…part 1,closets
Unclutter Your Life in One Week…part 2, the home office
…part 4, the bathroom & linens
…part 5, the bedroom
…part 6, your kitchen
…part 7, CDs and DVDs

Do It Yourself Closet Organizing
How to Organize Drawers
Weekend Organizing (entry, junk drawer, bathroom vanity)
Kids Closet Organizing Tips
Feng Shui Office Decluttering (inc. 3 box method)
Make it Easy to Clear Clutter (Tips for Life)
Purging Before Organizing
Martha Stewart, Organizing Paperwork Electronically
Feng Shui Your Bedroom
Using Plants to Enhance Your Home (feng shui)
Suzanna on Clutter (humor, skip it if you’ve lost your sense of it for now)

Videos to Help Stage:
How to Stage Your Home for a Quick Sale
Towel Folding Techniques (GREAT)
Fitted Sheet Folding Techniques
How to Make a Flower Arrangement
5 Minute Flower Arrangement
Staging Bathrooms and Bedrooms
Staging to Sell
Cleaning and Staging a Bathroom
Kids Room Staging
Kitchen Staging
Cleaning and Maintenance Videos:
How to Clean Blinds
How to Clean Windows
How to Clean an Oil Stain Garage Floor
How to Clean Your Deck
How to Prevent Roof Moss and Algae
Roof Moss Removal with Zinc Sulfate
Roof Cleaning Dangers of Do It Yourself
Sewer Scope
How to Trim Your Hedge
Pruning Your Trees and Shrubs
Cleaning Tile Grout and Removing Mold
How to Remove Mold
Cleaning and Maintaining Hardwood Floors
How to Repair a Stain Damaged Floor (power tool solution)
Removing Stains From Hardwood Floor (easy tips to avoid power tools)
Another Take on A Mid-Range Solution for Stains on Hardwood Floors (redoing only a small part by hand)
How to Get Paint Off Hardwood Floors
Removing Scratches from Stainless Steel

Real Estate Topic Videos:
Escrow…4 Don’ts
What Is a Title Company?
Ways To Build Credit
Pricing Your House to Sell
Pricing to Find the Best Buyer (MLS+)

Edging Your Lawn

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