Shopping and Dining in Edmonds

April 3, 2012 in Edmonds, Restaurants, Shopping

I include both of these as they often go together.  Besides being a great art gallery town, the historical downtown of Edmonds (which is often called Edmonds Bowl because it is set around by hills with many lovely view homes on them) has great boutiques and truly pleasing eateries, many more than the size might lead you to believe until you understand that Edmonds is one of those little quaint seaside destination towns, like Carmel or Sausalito in California, or Marblehead north of Boston, or Lincoln on the seaside in Oregon.

The ferry departs from Edmonds, and there is a little Amtrak station as well.

Some of the favorite eating places if you want an elegant meal include Arnie’s Restaurant and Bar down by the yacht harbor (you will NOT be disappointed in their happy hour, or their meals, and a great and pleasing place for birthdays or to take guests to the area), Anthony’s Home Port which has several locations but high standards and is an “experience” venue, Cafe de Paris on Main Street (oh, and Garadi’s Osteria on 5th).

Antiques are big here, and a huge emporium with many many vendors is the Waterfront Antique Mall on Sunset Steet.  If you ever get out of there in time to try others, there are smaller but equally interesting shops on 5th Avenue and Main Street, for example Mainly Antiques or Rosa Mundi’s Antiques and Design (which also is an interior design studio) on Main Street.  Then I’m going to suggest you go to The Savvy Traveler, a travel item and book store (if you either love travel or reading about it in books) and the Namas Candy Store which is beloved and an experience all by itself.

Another place I love to stop in is the Fabric of Life Foundation at 523 Main Street.  It is certainly good shopping, but you have the added satisfaction of knowing that the dollars you spend are in a great cause.  This shop is central to an organization that helps young women in Africa to leave a life of begging and become artisans.  There are training programs and a system for bringing the crafts here to be sold.  On the website you can see stories of some of the young women whose lives are being changed, and in the shop are posted signs with the stories on them.  It’s almost like taking a trip to a distant land and shopping in the street market, all in an hour.  There are also sometimes drum workshops and other community events.  According to their most recent email, since the recent coup in Mali, where the training center is located, the need is great for people to shop so the funds can be used to keep the graduates safe during the unrest.

There are other areas of Edmonds well worth exploring and more of interest in downtown Edmonds too, so stay tuned for further notes on the area!