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Twitter Photo Album… scrapbook of days in the Puget Sound region

November 20, 2012 in Seattle Communities, Seattle Lifestyle, Surrounding Cities

Imagine several thousand years from now, archaeologists from the future having access to the images and data we have recorded and from those forming an understanding of how our lives were… all those funny and strange videos that become memes are good in their place, but I would love to see them balanced out with unexaggerated recording of the beauty and poignancy we each experience as we travel through our everyday lives.  My contribution would be that of one who has the opportunity to travel throughout many of the communities in Puget Sound due to my work as a local Buyer’s Agent and Relocation Specialist, and who in the past (albeit only for a year before I moved on into video production then went to Japan to teach and ended up staying 14 years) was a professional photographer who took the exploration and creation of images of our daily lives seriously.

We all must have aps on our phone to send photos here and there, I find that my “Twitpics” has collected a variety of shots from being out and about in Seattle, West Seattle, Mercer Island, Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, Woodinville, Shoreline, Edmonds, Issaquah, Sammamish, Fall City, and the list goes on.  One thing I love about my profession and the way I work is that I am familiar with the region and can help clients who are relocating to compare areas and pinpoint where they will be happiest in our Puget Sound region.  And this takes me to all these communities in the course of a month, giving me a chance to encounter sudden moment of beauty, humor, the precious daily life that resonates.

Here are the photos that I’ve collected, and will be adding more as they occur.


Roxy's Diner, Fremont...legendary breakfasts. on Twitpic

Breakfast on Twitpic

Four Racoons in our garden this morning on Twitpic

Stuck on the 520 no movement last 15 min... on Twitpic

Turned out to be a beach day at Golden Gardens beach park in ... on Twitpic

Loyal Heights Elementary dragon dance parade...Daniel is the ... on Twitpic

Great, locked out of our house, at least Daniel remembered hi... on Twitpic

Snoqualmie Falls late summer on Twitpic

Wild Daniel in North Bend at Snoqualmie River on Twitpic

Green Lake at dusk, end of summer on Twitpic

Kubota Gardens...Daniel enjoys view of sky reclining on broad... on Twitpic

Kubota Gardens in Seattle...great walk, serene moment of the ... on Twitpic

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Stopping for carne asada burritos and fish travis at el camio... on Twitpic

Field of dasies looks like Easter on Twitpic

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Evaluating a House

November 20, 2012 in Buyer's Handbook, First Time Home Buyers, Real Estate 411, Seattle Real Estate for Sale

An enchanting new home on a small lot can be a winner if you prioritize home features such as finishes and gourmet kitchen over privacy from passing cars or your neighbors.

A question I am often asked by home buyers is whether or not it is best to buy a new home. There are pros and cons to new homes as well as old. Newer homes are usually easier to maintain and more energy efficient. Older homes generally have lower property taxes and are in more established neighborhoods. On the other hand, older homes are likely to require more repairs and upkeep, and sometimes have different aesthetics about such design features as openness or family living space.  (Please see my recent blog Finding Home in Seattle for a discussion of some of the trade offs that take place when deciding what’s most important to you when establishing the parameters of your search.)

It is best to evaluate each house based on what it has to offer. There are many things to look for when walking through a home, including the following:

* Is there enough space for the present and the future?
* Does it have the desired number of bedrooms and bathrooms?
* Are you happy with the lot size?
* Do you like the floor plan?
* Does it include all of the minimum amenities for your lifestyle?
* How will your furniture fit in the space?
* Is there enough storage space for your needs?
* Is the house structurally sound and well maintained?
* Is the construction quality up to your standards?

As your buyer’s agent I will help point out the pros and cons of each home from a professional standpoint. My job is to provide you with the best information on the home and it’s surroundings possible, and point out things that need to be checked on.  Once we sort out the homes that do not interest you, we should

Older home in expensive Ballard neighborhood will have design features of yesteryear, but so will your neighbor’s homes, it becomes a game to meld old and new, all part of the neighborhood ambiance.

consider the details of the ones you like, including the amount of work that needs to be done if you purchase the home (which of course impacts the value). It is best to determine if all of the mechanical systems and appliances work, but in the normal course of the purchase process, this is taken care of by a detailed inspection done after the offer has been made and accepted (called mutual acceptance).  In order to chose which home to offer on, once you are happy with the home details, we should go back to the final contestants for a second look (quickly if the market is moving fast, as it currently is in Seattle, West Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland and Woodinville, not so much in the surrounding cities). This will help us select the perfect home for you. On average, home buyers walk through fifteen houses before selecting one, some more and some less of course.

The more you keep me updated with your needs, the better I can assist you. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. I can be reached at 206-249-2914, edy@seattlecentric.com.

P.S.  I have a Buyer’s Checklist in PDF form that I sometimes use with my clients as we go thorough a selection of homes, so if that would be useful let me know and I’ll send it to you.  I’ll try to figure out how to offer it as a download from this site 🙂


Edy Kizaki

5652 35th Ave SW, Seattle (West Seattle Home for Sale)

November 15, 2012 in West Seattle

Looking for a 4 bedroom 1.75 bath (that extra bath has a shower but no tub) in West Seattle near S Seattle Community College for under $300,000?  This is one of your better choices, and we (as buyers agents) feel that the price might be a bit negotiable so don’t hesitate to try and see.  This home is charming and has great updates including a kitchen, potential for another upstairs bedroom by dividing the oversize living room (still will keep a living room, dining room, informal dining room on other side of kitchen light and bright overlooking back yard, as well as another all-purpose family room besides the two bedrooms and utility room on the lower level)!  We suggest you seriously consider this one, it’s very nice.  We took Nana to see it Sunday and this was the one she liked the best, she told us.


we are standing on the sidewalk looking at the gate into the front yard

Peeking at the front of the house from the gate.

Front steps and front porch of the home… a true character house, one of the popular styles in Seattle, this is what’s known as a Craftsman Bungalow style.

Front yard to left of steps.

Front yard to right of gate.

Front yard to right of steps.

Going up steps to front door.

Looking into front door, living room, dining room beyond, and can see door into kitchen.

Standing at front door looking left, there is another part of living room. This could be easily made into a nice bedroom with windows on two sides that would make it a five bedroom home. Or leave it like this for a roomy common area living room if preferred.

Standing in living room, dining room chandaler is front, on the right is door to kitchen and on the left is door to hallway with bathroom and one bedroom.

Looking back at the other part of the living room which could easily become a bedroom if you need a 5th bedroom (just add 1 wall with door, and a closet in the room, a simple addition which will be done in 2-3 days).

Another view of living room (standing in part that is shown in last photo, which is like the 2nd part of living room).

Dining room area.

Looking through door from dining room into hallway… bathroom straight ahead, bedroom to right.

Peeking from bedroom door into bedroom… hardwood floors, closet.

showing the bedroom window

Showing door into hall and also closet door of that same bedroom.

Shows hallway closet, bathroom door on right of this photo (we are standing in doorway of bedroom we just looked at, going back into hallway).

Shows bathroom with nice tile detail and finishes.

Shows view of bathroom from doorway.

Especially nice bathroom sink… very well done upgrade!

More detail of tub in the bathroom.

Going back into dining room.

Standing in doorway of kitchen, looking at kitchen and informal dining area beyond (notice it overlooks back yard and has very nice light in that room).

Entering kitchen (left of doorway).

Looking at hardwood floor in kitchen.

Looking to the right in kitchen is granite counter tops, double sink with high design faucet, and a “garden window” which allows growing plants or herbs and allows more light into the room.

This shows the back corner beyond the kitchen, which is ready for a dining table and chairs. over to the left can be seen the door to the back yard (steps going down to back yard). If you continue left there will be another bedroom, and stairs leading to the lower level.

Looking out that side window to the right in the informal dining area.

Looking out the back window in the informal dining area. You can see a pickup truck parked there… that belongs to the current owner and obviously will be gone once the house is purchased. 4 cars could be parked there or it could be changed to grass for a lawn. To the right can be see a garden shed and the garage (detached).

Now we are standing by those windows and looking back into the kitchen.

Now we are standing in the informal dining area and looking at the bedroom door and on the left, the door to the stairs leading to the lower level.

Have opened the back door and am standing at head of stairs leading down to back yard… can see paved driveway area.

Showing back steps and hand rail.

Standing on the back porch looking down at the stairs to the lower level back door.

Now looking at eye level while standing on pack porch, over to roof of the overhand and then you can see the neighbor’s yard in the distance.

And this is looking at the neighbor in back, across the lane. (These private lanes that go between the backyards of two streets are very useful when you have one!)

This shows the storage/garden shed at back of garage, and you can see the garage roof beyond that.

Still standing on back porch and now looking to right, there is a pebble corner with outdoor table and chairs, a wonderful place to enjoy the ourdoors and maybe barbeque in warm weather.

This is just a photo looking directly down on the steps from back yard to that lower level back door.

Now going back inside informal dining area.

Door into bedroom.

Shows bedroom has hardwood floors.

Standing in doorway looking at this bedroom (2nd we’ve seen, this one overlooking back yard).

Standing in that bedroom looking at the closet and the door to the other room.

Shows view out bedroom window.

Standing in dining area looking at staircase to lower level.

We are halfway down the stairs. It is hard to see detail because everything is covered in cream-colored carpet so it blends together a little bit.

The bonus room, a good play or Media Room with two windows (note all windows are the new vinyl windows which help with the heat costs and keep moisture out best).

Looking toward first downstairs bedroom door.

Inside bedroom… double closets.

Standing in bedroom looking back out to main family room (lower level).

Shows window of bedroom.

Standing in door of bedroom looking across that family room toward the other bedroom.

4th bedroom (lower level bedroom #2).

Showing ledge/shelf and window.

Showing closet of 4th bedroom.

Two doors out of the bedroom… the one on the right we entered, looking out you can see family room and staircase. The one on the left goes to bathroom.

Going into bathroom (that open door on right is back into hall/utility room, the door straight ahead is linen closet, turn left and you are in the bathroom.

Shows bathroom with shower.

Going out into hallway.

Shows hallway leading to utility (laundry) room.

Shows utility room and another room beyond which is kind of storage or mud room, just a small room. Door to outside back yard is there.

Shows laundry area.

Step up to back room.

Back room with door to backyard. Has closet but they are not calling it a bedroom.

Shows closet area of back room.

Looking back through laundry room to hallway and bathroom.

Going back upstairs.

Looking at back door from top of stairs.

Corner of informal eating area…showing windows and nice light.

Looking back through kitchen at living room.

Looking at dishwasher under sink and refrigerator in kitchen.

Looking at stove and microwave.

Going back in living room.

Leaving through front door.

Looking out toward street from front porch.

Let us know if you have any questions! Call Edy at 206-249-2914 or email me at edy@seattlecentric.com.