Fremont, the Center of It All

September 14, 2010 in Fremont

Some time ago a resident of the Fremont neighborhood came to an important realization.  It turns out that Fremont is the Center of the Universe.  After this crucial fact was imparted to the community a general air of celebration came into being and has never really vanished.  Fremont is a great place to be whether it’s for a window shopping stroll, very serious shopping, a casual or upscale meal of unusual merit, a chocolate factory tour, happy hour at one of the popular pubs, or art gallery and antique store hopping.  One favored activity is simply a sightseeing walkabout which must include not only the huge troll under the Aurora Street bridge but also the 20 foot bronze statue of Lenin which a traveling Fremonter got a great deal on while in Russia, and sent home to adorn the center of the neighborhood.  There are bookstores, music stores, organic bakeries, flower shops, plenty of coffee houses of course, and other amazing food and drink in many manifestations.  The Summer Solstice Parade, the Fremont Ocktoberfest,  and the Fremont Sunday Market are some of the area’s well known events, the Market actually is held all year.

Those lucky enough to find their dream home among the relatively few properties in this neighborhood will have to fight for parking but do have the benefit of being within walking distance of virtually everything they can dream or imagine to enjoy on a lively Saturday twilight blending into midnight, or a sunny Saturday afternoon in search of frozen yogurt or coffee to be enjoyed at leisure on the banks of the Ship Canal and the Burke-Gilman Trail as cyclists pass and kayaks ply the waters.  Do not fail to visit, just being aware that it may be more difficult to leave than you at first suspect.