Edy Kizaki

What Time is Sunset Today?

August 31, 2012 in Ballard, Parks and Beaches, Quick Trips from Seattle, Uncategorized

There is a great website that will tell you what time sunrise and sunset occur here in Seattle (or wherever you are!)  We are making a picnic and heading down to Golden Gardens State Park, with that marvelous crescent shaped beach from which you can watch the boats in the bay, and the sun setting over the Olympics.  If we want to time it so we get a couple hours of daylight, a sunset, and an hour of stargazing before we head home to wash the sand off our feet, what time should we plan to arrive?  When do the garlic roasted potatos and fried chicken have to be packed and ready to go?  Today it appears that sunset is at 7:51 p.m., four minutes sooner than yesterday.  So… let’s get there around six and plan to leave at 9 or 9:30… better bring blankets as the breeze rises up in the evening across the water… stand by for photos!

Edy Kizaki

Labor Day Beach Evening at Golden Gardens

September 2, 2008 in Ballard, Parks and Beaches

ShilsholeGolden Gardens Park on Shilshole Bay could be called “Seattle’s Seattle”… water, boats, mountains, seashore, and all the variety of beach-going Seattle folks. It has been loved for generations and it’s a “happening place.” My 7 year old found two friends right away, us mothers sat on logs and chatted (one of them told me she lived right in Ballard at the top of the hill, what a perfect location! she’s a onthebeach1caterer and we discussed some of what makes Seattle food unique…the Northwest bounty of berries, seafood, and wild things that right now is showing up on our tables in abundance). Couples strolled down the edge of the waves. Groups sat on logs in deep discussion or played frisbe and volleyball. in the Boathouse a private party laughed and cheered and feasted. There must have been almost 20 fires that night…there are 12 approved fire pits and many people make it a habit to bring their own wood and picnic into the night.


Last night, it was the place to be.

Check out this PI article for more on Golden Gardens.