A Seattle Shutter Tour

September 22, 2011 in Activities

at Ballard Locks

If you’re here in Seattle shopping for a home, or visiting the city, there’s a great way to see more of Seattle and maybe level up your photography skills as well!  A local tour company offers a tour of Seattle that “focuses” (OK, OK, sorry) on photographing interesting spots.  They were profiled this year on Evening Magazine (check out the video!).  This great and relatively unknown tour service (Shutter Tours of Seattle) can be a wonderful part of a trip or… stranger things have happened… a way for locals to interact with our city to see it from … shall we say slightly different … eyes!

If you want to see something of Seattle, this is as interactive as it gets!  If you are visiting and want to bring back an album of great shots, take advantage of the coaching and expertise of the guides.  Not only will your friends and fans ooh and ahh over your sparkling creativity, but I predict your photos will never be the same again.

at the Folklife Festival at Seattle Center

Excuse me for asking, but what does all this photography and scenery and special Seattle locations have to do with real estate?  This is certainly just my perspective but I think the best way to get your “Seattle” antennas shiny and bright is to enjoy and get to know the city, meet some of the people and give yourself a chance to breathe it in… you are never going to want to leave.  If you get some great photos, I hope you play along with my little game and upload them on my Where in Seattle? page, or post a link to your web album.  It’s fun to try and guess where in Seattle a shot was taken, or what those people… are DOing?



Lake Union from Ivar's Boathouse

King Street Station

One of the many Henry murals that dot the city