Edy Kizaki

5652 35th Ave SW, Seattle (West Seattle Home for Sale)

November 15, 2012 in West Seattle

Looking for a 4 bedroom 1.75 bath (that extra bath has a shower but no tub) in West Seattle near S Seattle Community College for under $300,000?  This is one of your better choices, and we (as buyers agents) feel that the price might be a bit negotiable so don’t hesitate to try and see.  This home is charming and has great updates including a kitchen, potential for another upstairs bedroom by dividing the oversize living room (still will keep a living room, dining room, informal dining room on other side of kitchen light and bright overlooking back yard, as well as another all-purpose family room besides the two bedrooms and utility room on the lower level)!  We suggest you seriously consider this one, it’s very nice.  We took Nana to see it Sunday and this was the one she liked the best, she told us.


we are standing on the sidewalk looking at the gate into the front yard

Peeking at the front of the house from the gate.

Front steps and front porch of the home… a true character house, one of the popular styles in Seattle, this is what’s known as a Craftsman Bungalow style.

Front yard to left of steps.

Front yard to right of gate.

Front yard to right of steps.

Going up steps to front door.

Looking into front door, living room, dining room beyond, and can see door into kitchen.

Standing at front door looking left, there is another part of living room. This could be easily made into a nice bedroom with windows on two sides that would make it a five bedroom home. Or leave it like this for a roomy common area living room if preferred.

Standing in living room, dining room chandaler is front, on the right is door to kitchen and on the left is door to hallway with bathroom and one bedroom.

Looking back at the other part of the living room which could easily become a bedroom if you need a 5th bedroom (just add 1 wall with door, and a closet in the room, a simple addition which will be done in 2-3 days).

Another view of living room (standing in part that is shown in last photo, which is like the 2nd part of living room).

Dining room area.

Looking through door from dining room into hallway… bathroom straight ahead, bedroom to right.

Peeking from bedroom door into bedroom… hardwood floors, closet.

showing the bedroom window

Showing door into hall and also closet door of that same bedroom.

Shows hallway closet, bathroom door on right of this photo (we are standing in doorway of bedroom we just looked at, going back into hallway).

Shows bathroom with nice tile detail and finishes.

Shows view of bathroom from doorway.

Especially nice bathroom sink… very well done upgrade!

More detail of tub in the bathroom.

Going back into dining room.

Standing in doorway of kitchen, looking at kitchen and informal dining area beyond (notice it overlooks back yard and has very nice light in that room).

Entering kitchen (left of doorway).

Looking at hardwood floor in kitchen.

Looking to the right in kitchen is granite counter tops, double sink with high design faucet, and a “garden window” which allows growing plants or herbs and allows more light into the room.

This shows the back corner beyond the kitchen, which is ready for a dining table and chairs. over to the left can be seen the door to the back yard (steps going down to back yard). If you continue left there will be another bedroom, and stairs leading to the lower level.

Looking out that side window to the right in the informal dining area.

Looking out the back window in the informal dining area. You can see a pickup truck parked there… that belongs to the current owner and obviously will be gone once the house is purchased. 4 cars could be parked there or it could be changed to grass for a lawn. To the right can be see a garden shed and the garage (detached).

Now we are standing by those windows and looking back into the kitchen.

Now we are standing in the informal dining area and looking at the bedroom door and on the left, the door to the stairs leading to the lower level.

Have opened the back door and am standing at head of stairs leading down to back yard… can see paved driveway area.

Showing back steps and hand rail.

Standing on the back porch looking down at the stairs to the lower level back door.

Now looking at eye level while standing on pack porch, over to roof of the overhand and then you can see the neighbor’s yard in the distance.

And this is looking at the neighbor in back, across the lane. (These private lanes that go between the backyards of two streets are very useful when you have one!)

This shows the storage/garden shed at back of garage, and you can see the garage roof beyond that.

Still standing on back porch and now looking to right, there is a pebble corner with outdoor table and chairs, a wonderful place to enjoy the ourdoors and maybe barbeque in warm weather.

This is just a photo looking directly down on the steps from back yard to that lower level back door.

Now going back inside informal dining area.

Door into bedroom.

Shows bedroom has hardwood floors.

Standing in doorway looking at this bedroom (2nd we’ve seen, this one overlooking back yard).

Standing in that bedroom looking at the closet and the door to the other room.

Shows view out bedroom window.

Standing in dining area looking at staircase to lower level.

We are halfway down the stairs. It is hard to see detail because everything is covered in cream-colored carpet so it blends together a little bit.

The bonus room, a good play or Media Room with two windows (note all windows are the new vinyl windows which help with the heat costs and keep moisture out best).

Looking toward first downstairs bedroom door.

Inside bedroom… double closets.

Standing in bedroom looking back out to main family room (lower level).

Shows window of bedroom.

Standing in door of bedroom looking across that family room toward the other bedroom.

4th bedroom (lower level bedroom #2).

Showing ledge/shelf and window.

Showing closet of 4th bedroom.

Two doors out of the bedroom… the one on the right we entered, looking out you can see family room and staircase. The one on the left goes to bathroom.

Going into bathroom (that open door on right is back into hall/utility room, the door straight ahead is linen closet, turn left and you are in the bathroom.

Shows bathroom with shower.

Going out into hallway.

Shows hallway leading to utility (laundry) room.

Shows utility room and another room beyond which is kind of storage or mud room, just a small room. Door to outside back yard is there.

Shows laundry area.

Step up to back room.

Back room with door to backyard. Has closet but they are not calling it a bedroom.

Shows closet area of back room.

Looking back through laundry room to hallway and bathroom.

Going back upstairs.

Looking at back door from top of stairs.

Corner of informal eating area…showing windows and nice light.

Looking back through kitchen at living room.

Looking at dishwasher under sink and refrigerator in kitchen.

Looking at stove and microwave.

Going back in living room.

Leaving through front door.

Looking out toward street from front porch.

Let us know if you have any questions! Call Edy at 206-249-2914 or email me at edy@seattlecentric.com.

Edy Kizaki

7940 Delridge Wy SW, Seattle 98106

November 12, 2012 in West Seattle

Here is the second house we saw on the first day. This home is a “split level” and had 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. It was built in 2008. It is on a smaller lot than the first one and has no usable back yard. The ceilings on the upper level are vaulted, there is a fireplace, and the master suite is very large. There is also a nice recreation extra room in the lower level.

Outside home looking up.

Entering front door.

Looking into foyer from front door; stairs go up and down.

Looking up stairs to living room / hallway.

Looking at living room with vaulted ceiling and fireplace.

Fireplace in living room, also windows show view but it’s getting dark outside right now.

Looking in dining room from living room… note vaulted ceilings.

Kitchen with granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, new cabinets, and hardwood floor.


Showing hardwood floor.

Standing at top of stairs looking down.

Looking down hallway toward bedrooms and bathroom.

Main Bathroom

In master looking at closet and bathroom door (ensuite bathroom)

Inside master bathroom, tub, shower, sink and toilet.

Going down to lower level where there are two more bedrooms (one with a huge closet), laundry room and garage.

Very large bedroom.

Full Bathroom on lower level.

Standing at main entrance looking back up to upper level of home.

Looking across street standing outside front door.

Edy Kizaki

8610 Delridge Way SW

November 11, 2012 in First Time Home Buyers, Seattle Real Estate for Sale, West Seattle

Hello World! This 4 bedroom 2 bath home in West Seattle was built in 1945 and has been redone carefully and with beautiful finishes such as hardwood, granite, beams, and a wonderful master suite As well as lovely finishes, this home has an exceptional back yard and large lot, making it a good candidate for investment as larger lots will hold value and appreciate more than smaller lots. The location is extremely close and convenient to South Seattle Community College. I have put this home photo tour up for the convenience of our clients who needed to see more photos and get a better idea of the floor plan. Sorry for any flaws in the photos as they were taken almost after dark and the light is not so great. But the home really shows up!

front of home seen from driveway


Approaching front door.


Front porch.


Walking toward front porch.


View of porch and ceiling of porch made of honey colored wood.


Front door.


Looking into living room standing outside front door.


Inside front door is stone tile entry.


Part of living room, with wood floor.


Looking from living room into dining room and kitchen. At right is hallway with two bedrooms.


Another angle still standing in living room, you can see dining room and the granite counter with bar stools, and beyond that is the kitchen.


Looking from dining room into kitchen.


Showing other side of kitchen with refrigerator, counter, and cabinets. In the back past the refrigerator is another doorway leading to bathroom, another large bedroom on this floor, stairs to master bedroom suite upstairs, and through bathroom are stairs to downstairs and a door out to the back yard.



First bedroom seen from doorway into room.


Closet in first bedroom, and on far left is doorway back into hall.


Standing in doorway of first bedroom looking across the hall into second bedroom.


Inside second bedroom.


There is a two-step up in this second bedroom, to an alcove with window into the backyard and also the closet.


Looking out the window of the second bedroom you can see a small bit of the back yard, which is large and well laid out with different areas.


Looking back at the door of the second bedroom from the window.


Going back into kitchen heading for back hallway.


Standing in kitchen looking out into back hallway… door to main bathroom is visible ahead.


Looking into main bathroom.


Standing in the hallway outside bathroom door. Ahead is door to third bedroom, and just to the right of that is stairway up to master suite.


Looking into third bedroom.


In the third bedroom (it is a large room with about twice the space of the first two bedrooms) looking at the window that looks out on the front yard.


Looking back in 3rd bedroom toward sliding glass doors that lead out to back yard patio. You can see entrance door is halfway down the room, and closet is over near sliding doors.


In the third bedroom looking into walk in closet. On the left is a set of sliding glass doors that goes out into the patio in the back yard.


In third bedroom looking out glass doors at patio.


Back in hallway looking up stairs to master suite (bedroom and bathroom).


This is taken standing at top of stairs on the little landing. To right is door to balcony overlooking back yard and to left is door to master suite.


Standing at top of stairs looking into large master bedroom with beautiful wood beam, and master bath and walk in closet.


Still standing at doorway looking into master suite. The window looks out on the front yard and the buildings outside are townhouses which are across Delridge Way.


Standing in master bedroom at door to private bathroom, looking at tile floors, large soaking tub and can see granite counters on sink.


Showing sink and tub with tile details.


Shows detail of granite counter of sink, as well as floor of bathroom.


Shows tile detail and showerhead in tub/shower area.


Looking out bathroom window just to see what condition roof is in. It looks in good condition.


Going back out master bath into master bedroom again. (You can see large closet ahead.)


Looking out master bedroom window at view of street and townhouses across street.


In Master looking back toward door, bathroom door, and closet door (standing next to window)


Going outside onto balcony overlooking back yard.


Showing balcony. Neighbor’s house visible in distance.


Looking at back yard from balcony.


Looking down from balcony to see tiled patio. Back yard is about 8 times as large as this section. I will go back tomorrow when I am doing the photos of the house we saw today and go down into lower level to show storage room.


I thought I had a few shots going back out but am not finding them at this time… will add them in the morning if I find them!  Otherwise will go back to this house tomorrow and get shots of those rooms too.


Tomorrow morning I will put up the photos of the other house on Delridge, and also the nice one we saw today that Nana liked.

Please send us any questions you have!