Seattle Area Snow Day Traffic Webcams

January 18, 2012 in Ballard, Seattle Lifestyle

Seattle Street view in snow

Snow Day in Seattle

If you are going out in Seattle despite what has been billed as the “worst” storm in Seattle history (ask the kids and you may hear it’s the “best” storm) you will want to check on the weather conditions, and please see the last paragraph for links to live webcams that will be useful during this ice storm and also all year round!

In any case, the weather has ended up being a little less ferocious than at first thought.  The

snow people

I made Snow People while Daniel sledded at Whitman Middle School

National Weather Service has revised its predictions and now we are told that we will have up to 6 inches by 2 p.m. today.  The schools are closed for day 2.  Last night we got the usual recorded call from Seattle Public Schools which told us there would be no school again today for the second day.  The kids will be taking advantage of another day of fun in the snow, at the nearby parks.  For us, there are slopes at Whitman Middle School that are steep enough to keep us there till we are like popsicles.

But if you’re planning to make it in to work or even out for a quick grocery run the street conditions will be top of mind.  Seattle Department of Transportation has a new website feature, 22 live traffic video cams placed strategically around the city, and for route planning the site should be of some help.  SEATTLE TRAFFIC CAMERA WEBSITE.  On the Eastside, if you’re in Bellevue, try this BELLEVUE TRAFFIC CAMERA WEBSITE.  Another useful set of webcams can be found at this site, SET FOR KIRKLAND.  If you flip through the cams, the next one is set at Shorecrest High School in Shoreline.   It might also be helpful to check out  WSDOT list of webcams which includes Issaquah, Lynnwood and Redmond and also Seattle and Bellevue.

If you know of some Kirkland webcam and anything about Woodinville, please let me know.