Turabi Rug Gallery in Phinney Ridge

January 20, 2012 in Greenwood/Phinney Ridge

Shopping for rugs can be a necessity, a hobby, or an obsession.  Those who know, really know.  In Seattle, those who know make it a point to keep track of Turabi Rug Gallery in Phinney Ridge, run by a propriater who really knows his carpets.

There is nothing better than a rug which has been imported from that very center of carpet making history, locations in Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, India, and China.  These world renowned carpet producing countries are known far and wide for their exceptional rugs, and Turabi Rug Gallery owner Omar brings his expertise to the city and we get a chance to shop for treasures on our own turf, on Greenwood Avenue in Phinney Ridge to be precise.  It’s a great location near two of the best of the street’s many coffee houses and that’s where I head after my rug appreciation fix.